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As Litecoin (LTC) seems to be gaining in popularity as well, I thought I would add sites as I stumble across them. LTC claims to be the silver to BTC gold. Only the future will tell.

Litecoin Wallet….you can download one HERE

Terracoin Wallet….you can download one HERE

PPCoin Wallet GUI…you can download one HERE

PPCoin Client….you can download it Here

These are a few faucets I have found thus far….

Freicoin – (Faucet Pays??? – Waiting on Payout to verify.)

Terracoin Faucet – (Faucet Pays Hourly)

Litecoin Faucet – (Faucet Currently Dry)

Can Has Litecoin Faucet – (Faucet Pays every half hour)

Litecoiner – (Faucet Pays Daily)

Lite Faucet – (Faucet Pays .02 – Several steps to follow – Awaiting verification)

*NEW* – Litecoin Faucet – (Payment received)

PPcoin Faucet – (Faucet Pays Hourly? – Waiting on Payout to Verify)

PPCoin Faucet -(Chance to win 2 coin)

If you feel like donating to me, you may do so to the following addresses:


LTC – LPRp2eLFGcyv8q7VDf38Vup8AUNj7FD189


PPC – PQa5C6rMTi3HM8RRwATmMz3Dzh4pBAuR2i

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