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The goal here is to help promote some of the other alternate currencies that are available…some have belief that they will catch on in popularity and are mining diligently as speculation and others mine to trade their coins for the almight Bitcoin.

By taking a portion of the proceeds from generated advertising revenue, combining it with donations and with the help of a friend who is designing some code for a random generator that will pick a wallet address, a raffle should be set into place by the beginning of April.

If you would like to donate towards this raffle…..please feel free to donate Litecoin, Terracoin or PPCoin to the following addresses that are set up just for the raffle….please leave your name in our comments section so that we can list you as a benefactor to this cause.

Raffle/Faucet Donations for LTC: LKiw4KY312fM41MSXX3X2wEttar9YdtBVh

Raffle/Faucet Donations for TRC: 123cdHXjHgAufaoSSJ8rrrJWkk9mfgnLC8

Raffle/Faucet Donations for PPC: PFQeKDm9MUBVVhuGRvpc4Q1qRYbqmcjjeP

Thanks in advance….and happy coining.

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