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We verify every page for payouts, however we will post some pages that we are still waiting on confirmations for, but will notate that in the notes section. Every site opens up in a panel or a separate tab. When a panel opens and you are done collecting your Bitcoin, just click on our page and the panel will close. Bookmark us and use us to visit every site daily as, remember, we update daily and verify every site so that you don’t have to.

Please remember to visit our advertisers, they have some great services and show support for us!!

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I will be updating this site daily so please visit often. If you bookmark this site and use the links to visit each page it will save you from having to bookmark every page and visiting an advertiser would help me out by aiding me in earning some additional Bitcoin and a percentage is going towards starting my own faucet.

Thanks, in advance, for your time and Happy Bitcoining!!

The following site(s) are being tested for payouts and will be moved to an appropriate spot in a list once we have ascertained whether or not they do actually payout. We are going to list them here so you can take a chance if you so desire.

NEW – BTC Mine – (Pays Every Half Hour – Awaiting Payment Confirmation.)
NEW – BTC Mine – (Pays Every Half Hour – Awaiting Payment Confirmation.)

The following faucets only pays out once.

Bitcoin Street Faucet
BitSprinkle – (Tweet for Bitcoins)
Red Flag – (Forum Faucet – Pays .02 – Payout Received)
Coin Love Chest – (Posted in Bitcoin Talk – Payment Received.)

The Following faucets have been confirmed to pay out every half hour.

NEW – Raw Bitcoins – (Pays every 30 minutes – Confirmed.)
Free BTC 4 All – (Pays every 30 minutes – Payment Confirmed.)
NEW – Free Bitcoins – (Payment Confirmed.)
BTC 4 You – (Payment Confirmed.)
El Bitcoin Gratas – (In Spanish, Faucet pays every 30 minutes)
Faucet BTC – (Pays every 30 minutes – Awaiting Payment Confirmation.)
Sr Bitcoin – (Pays every 30 minutes – Awaiting Payment Confirmation.)
The Bitcoin – (Pays every 30 minutes – Awaiting Payment Confirmation.)

The following sites allow you to earn bitcoin every 60 minutes. They offer a minimum amount of BTC or you can take a chance at the coming prizes which offer more than the shown bitcoin.

CoinAd – .00001 BTC Per hour, error connecting to server currently
Daily BitCoins – Minimum of .00001 BTC
Bitcoins4me – (Payment Confirmed)
NEW – Can Has Bitcoin – (Verified. Pays hourly. Last Payment received – 0.00005 BTC)
NEW – The Free Bitcoins – (Payment Confirmed.)
Virtual Faucet – (Payment Confirmed.)

The following pages are faucets that pay out every 12 hours.

Bitcoin Faucet - (Amount of BTC varies – Temporarily Closed)
BitCoinAr – (Every 12 hours)

The following pages offer a payout once every 24 hours.

Bit Hits(Can submit 3 times)
NetLookUp(Pays once per day)
Cointicket(Pays once per day)
Bitcoin Addict(Pays once per day)
Bit Crate - (He tweets when he has filled up the Crates)
Bit Coiner - (Prizes change every hour)
Daily Bunny Run - (Race bunnies for bitcoin)
HartCode – (Vote for Wallpaper…Earn BTC)
FreeCoins – (New Daily Faucet)
Legendary Faucet – (New Daily Faucet)
Coin Reaper – (Daily Faucet with links to other sites)
Bitcoin Tree – (Daily Faucet)
NEW – Nio Bitcoins – (Pays – Payment Confirmed.)
NEW – Bitcoin World – (Payment Confirmed.)
Peerbet Faucet – (Daily PeerBet Bitcoin Faucet – Awaiting Payment Confirmation)

The following websites pay you in bitcoin to view and watch ads.  At the time of this blog they are all working and paying out in a timely manner.

ABitBack(Get paid to watch ads via Offerwalls)
BitCoinGet - (Earn 200 uBTC per video watched)
Cointube TV -  (Pay up to .4 mBTC per video watched)
CoinVisitor - (Watch Ads earn Bitcoin)
Earn Free Bitcoins - (Pays up to .412 mBTC a day or more)
Honey Bitcoin – (View Ads, similar to Bitvisitor)
BitVisitor - (Pays up to .08 mBTC per video watched)
BitCoin 4 You - (Pays up to .42 mBTC every 24 hours)
Know a Bit More – (Lacking Advertisers Again)
Bitcoins Easy - (Get paid to watch ads, read ads and referrals)
Free BTC(Earn Satoshi’s)
Clicks 2 Bitcoins(Watch ads, read ads and referrals, use google chrome as site is in French)

The following sites are forum/Chats that pay Bitocin…make sure you stop by to introduce yourself.

BTC Bulletin Board
Coinad Chat
Coinvisitor Chat
Easy Bitcoin Chat

The next sites are places that you can tag or paste your links to earn bitcoin.

Bit Pasta - (Will advise after I learn more)
Bit Bin - (Takes a while to earn enough BTC for a payout)
TagPad - (Error Connecting to Server)

Shorten URL’s on your web site or in your posts to earn money for click throughs.

CoinUrl - (Get paid to shorten links or show ads)

Sites where you can trade your labor for bitcoin.  I would recommend setting up another e-mail address for some of the survey sites.

Free Easy Bitcoin - (Surveys and games – beware bundled software) 
BTC4FREE - (Complete offers and surveys for BTC)
Free Digital Money - (More offers and surveys for BTC)
Bit Bucks(Complete Surveys and or downloads for offers.)
Coin Worker - (Personal favorite. Complete tasks for BTC – No surveys)
Bitcoin Survey(Complete Surveys for Bitcoin)

The next site allows you to offer BTC for answers to questions or earn bitcoin for answering questions posted by other users.

Rugatu(Post or answer questions) - New Listing

The following sites allow you to post jobs or take jobs to earn BTC.

For Bitcoin – (Post a job or accept a job)
JustACoin – (Post your services or accept a job)

    Sites that are no longer active. Checked daily to see if they can be moved back to the list.

TenDrawBTC(Scratch ticket for a chance to win)
GoxKeyGen(Redeem your code at Mt. Gox)
BitSpout(Get paid to watch 60 second ads)
Bit sure if this every paid)
BitcoinAdSmart – (Paid out Once, currently out of BTC)

If you feel like donating to me, you may do so to the following addresses:


LTC - LPRp2eLFGcyv8q7VDf38Vup8AUNj7FD189


PPC – PQa5C6rMTi3HM8RRwATmMz3Dzh4pBAuR2i

Thanks, in advance, and Happy Bitcoining!!

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