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Here you can find a list of sites that offer mining pools. Mining pools can be a more efficient means of earning alternative currencies. By joining up with other users and earning “shares” you have a greater chance of earning some coins while actively contributing to the networks.

If your new to mining and don’t understand the concept. Here is a great beginners GUIDE to get you started.

There are many different methods to mining and different pools offer different ways to share in the profitability.

    Pool Reward Methods

Proportionate: Pay is an amount proportional to the number of shares you submitted compared to the total number of shares in that round.

Pay-per-share: Pay is a fixed amount per share that you submit regardless of the length of the round.

Score-based: Rewards are calculated based on the score the pool assigns you This is not ideal for the occasional miner.

PPLNS: Only the last N shares are considered to calculate the reward.

    Other Factors

Pool Fees: Fees can range for zero to a percentage. Some pools may pay for invalid blocks and others may not. This is the reason to take your time and research a pool before joining one.

Pool Speed: The more GHash a pool has, the faster it finds blocks.

Fund withdrawal/Payout: Some pools allow for automatic withdrawl at an amount they set, other at an amount you set and others you can choose to withdraw at your own discretion. Some pools may make you wait for a required number of confirmations before paying out. Each pool may have its own payout policy.

This Site provides a nice comparison of mining pools with links to the pools websites.

If your looking to see what hash rates are for your graphics card or CPU, this site has been nicely constructed with all of the pertinent information.

Minecraft, a game that allows you to mine blocks while you are playing the game.

If your looking at building your own mining rig, this site offers a somewhat affordable way to do it.

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