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We want to thank everyone for their visits, suggestions and support.

We are doing our best to keep the sites updated daily to ensure that you get the most accurate links that are actually confirmed sites that you will receive Bitcoin from for your efforts. If you know of any sites that are new or ones that we have not listed, please let us know as we would like to include them.

We have heard some people complaining on how the payouts have been going down. The amount of Bitcoin that has been offered by many sites has indeed been diminishing….for a very good reason. As Bitcoin continues to climb in exchange rates, the advertising revenue that many of these sites rely on has remained the same. That means that the site owner, if they are getting paid in Bitcoin, are getting smaller amounts of it and those that are getting paid in common currency are now being faced with buying less Bitcoin for the same dollars.

The amount that you are getting “paid” is still the same….when compared and contrasted to “common currencies.” As Bitcoin continues to increase in cost, we anticipate that these payouts will continue to diminish. Rest assured, you are still getting the a similar amount of “money” for your efforts, although the Bitcoin units have to be reduced to reflect this.

Continue to earn and explore this new, wonderful, alternate currency. Happy Bitcoining!!

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